Saturday, May 19, 2007

its a done deal

so i am officially done my first year of college and it feels great! sure, i miss some things naturally, but i am glad to not be stressed about schoolwork anymore!!

as i reflect back on my experiences this year and all of the changes i have gone through, i can definitely say it was a new chapter in life. probably one of the biggest adjustments ever. moving away from home was hard but it worked out alright. i wish was closer to home in md, but it was nice having my family so close to my school if i needed them. i made some amazing friends this year along with a boyfriend who is more perfect than ever! so things are good. i managed to increase my gpa second semester and i'm pleased with that. hopefully it will only go up. i'm really excited for next year. again, it will be a new start, i will officially be living on my own in an apartment, and that makes me feel old, but independent nevertheless. i hope i can prove to myself that i can do things on my own and support myself in ways that i never thought i could. i'm going to be paying for a lot more than i'm used to, so saving up this summer is a must. anyway, freshman year went by fast but i can honestly say it was one of the best years ever and i will never forget the memories made in cypress.

onto newer things...
i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning. i am on some hydrocodone so that is helping with the pain thank gosh. its not as bad as i thought it would be, but my face does look like that of a chipmunk. ugh. i'm glad its over though. being put to sleep was kind of fun, i'd do it again haha

oh so today i got a new car. well, its used, but you know. my dad picked it out, he found it online, its a bmw. not new so don't jump out of your pants. it will do the job though. so i'm glad i don't have to drive my moms van anymore. seriously, almost anything could be better than that.

well...thats all for now.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

never look back cause you won't forget why you cried

so, i'm depressed right now. the room is getting more bare by the second! kristi already left, me and dev took katie to the airport earlier so shes's so sad. i am going to miss this year. i will do a full reflection blog this weekend probably because i'm the dork i am.

my song for the moment is carrie underwood "i'll stand by you" soooooooo good. haha. and sad. i am glad that jordin stayed on american idol tonight, shes my fav. woo hoo. what else...? i got a job. i don't think i've written about that. i am babysitting this summer, and its not bad at all. the kids are adorable so it will be fun i think. and i need money. i can't wait to go on vacation, i really need one. far away. i'm sick of moving, thats for sure.

well i'm going to bed. i hope i do good on my last final in music tomorrow.