Friday, May 14, 2010

and all i wanted was a simple kind of life

so..seriously. 5 months give or take and i haven't written in here. i am too lazy to use proper punctuation so just deal with it.

i get on blogger almost everyday and read kristen's blogs. i think they should be published in a book for real. i would totally buy that. we need to become friends with a book publisher so we can get that going. they are my entertainment and i wish i had the drive to write like that too.

it's thursday night, actually it's friday morning now technically, and i just got done watching hilary duff's new movie out called "according to greta" and i might just need to go buy it. i really liked it. it's an independent movie which of course means it's all emotional and weird and imperfect and of course that's right up my alley. anyway, fuck everyone who doesn't like her seriously i thought she was really good in this film. and i have a new crush on evan ross who plays her little love interest and he is also diana ross's son and he's adorable. so my point is i liked the movie and everyone should go rent it from redbox cause it was good and...yeah.

as of wednesday i was done school. my last final for the semester, that is. i have ONE more semester to go before i graduate in december and luckily i don't have to take any summer classes like i did last summer. it's kinda sad because all of my friends are graduating on time, well not all, but a lot and it makes me feel sort of like a failure. but at the same time i don't think i am ready to graduate and there's no jobs and i don't know what i want to do with my life so having six more months to think about it and live off my parents guilt free won't hurt, right? that's my theory.

what else can i ramble about? how about how much money i don't have that i want to spend and am thinking about spending my savings because i can't control myself. oh, it's bad. let's go through what i've bought in the last few months on my own dime- 200 trip to miami (and that was with a free place to stay) 179 on a digital camera because mine died (never buy a kodak) 120 on a new straightener (my chi died, i bought a sedu which is much better) and...160 on a blackberry..(i was sick of my piece of crap env2 which was starting to die anyway) so there it is...that's what? $659.....and then prob almost 100 worth of going out to eat. soo...maybe..760...shoot me. that is so wrong. but somehow i managed to save about 600 too so i guess that's good. i plan to travel alot this summer. with what money you ask? my savings. babysitting money (yes i still save it like i'm 14) i want to go see cody so bad. i haven't seen im since august and...i think that's enough said.

before i finish up here, i'd like to add that i got the new "charice" cd after seeing her on oprah and i love it.

i am aware that this blog was all over the place but after not writing for so long i had no idea where to start. i could write more but....i'm going to bed.