Thursday, September 18, 2008

like climbing up a greased pole

first of all, i'd like to thank kristen for my blog title because it is a quote from her blog. that is life as we know it. very crafty. anyhow, things are slightly looking up, but not really. about everyone knows that my car died 2 weeks ago and therefore i was stuck driving my sisters car for a week, and finally last friday i got an 03 accord which is running just fine and hopefully can stick it out 2 more years until i'm done school (at least). just as i thought my world was uplifting, my computer crashed last week out of nowhere and i was out of a laptop for a few days which was horrible, granted the amount of time i spend on this thing. it was fixable, thank god, but i did lose my pictures from last dec through now which made me depressed. some are on facebook and myspace, but you know, alot are still gone so i'm not a happy camper about that. i still haven't found the energy to organize my itunes because 1. i'm scared my music won't be there and 2. i don't want to sit here for hours and do it. i am also avoiding accounting and micro homework. oh well. i just watched the hills episode from monday i missed and it made me feel a little better for the moment. i need to go to the gym today before work. that's the goal of the day. also, i want to touch on the weather for just a minute. it's been really nice, you know not too hot, not too cold. it actually feels like the seasons are changing and for some reason, though it feels good it makes me kind of sad, you know what i mean? that well okay anyway oh oh one more thing. i saw this boy on a bike on campus the other day, mind you, i normally hate people on bikes because i've had near death experiences with them, howEVER, this boy was the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen and so after i had a good look, i texted kristen about his hottness because she is the only one who'd ever appreciate his look and i expected never to see this fellow again, (besides in my dreams). now here comes the good/awkward/weird/fate part. i was in accounting the next day and low and behold who comes and sits in the row in front me? none other than my future boyfriend. jk. but yeah, i tried my hardest not to stare too long or too often but i had a feeling like people were seeing me being a creeper so i controlled myself. so accounting is now a better class. the end.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

oh no this is all wrong

so pretty much i live my life like i have all the time in the world which is beyong untrue. i have so many things to do right now and none of it is being done. instead i went to my one class today, (hey at least i went) and then came back home and crawled back into bed with cody. got up around something and did nothing but listen to him talk about fantasy football and act like i'm really interested. so that's fun. i ate a hot pocket. well lean pocket. since then i've been effing around on the internet doing meaningless things like checking and reading all of kristen's blogs i've missed out on for the past week and a half which dang girl slow down or just decide to write an autobiography already. besides all of that, i have to write a speech to give...tomorrow. yeah, i know. i should be more worried about it, along with the calc quiz i will have. hmm..i wonder what we did on monday since i'm an idiot and skipped. oh well. i didn't wear any makeup to class this morning because 1. i didn't shower and 2. i knew i was going to go back to bed, so i felt like people were looking at me thinking omg she's so ug. but whatever i'll get over it. i liked kristens comment about having to take a moment for her body temp to regulate back to normal after walking to class. story of my life. i swear i'm the only person who sweats in a 60 degree room. ughhh. last week i went to public speaking class and when i got there i looked down and realized that i had my shirt on inside out. only 3 other people were there, 1 girl and 2 boys i don't know. so i tried to play it off and talk to the girl about how retarded i am and i took my shirt off (i had a tank top on under it) and put it back on the right way. the boys there probably think i'm weird now. i'm listening to makedamnsure and it reminds me of good times.