Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ohh i wish that i was looking into your eyes

its been two days and i hate school already. i'm going to make this short and sweet. i'm listening to katy perry "thinking of you" aw i love it. anywho i am stressed. my classes are hard. i'm going to have to try. which is not good. i have to work, workout, and manage this thing called life, which after almost 4 months of summer is going to be a pretty big task. i liked kelsey's blog point about summer being a weekend of the year, it is. and also why people freak over summer flings and love and blah blah. why can't everything just flow and be how it is and fall into place when its supposed to. i also agree about the ipod shuffle fate. yeah sometimes i do think that certain songs come on for a reason but it depresses me and i usually just change it haha. but yea i don't know. i don't want to think about how things will be in the future i can't imagine it sometimes but it will come and that's it. tonight at work it was only three of us- me, christina and one of the managers sandy and it was her last day so we got dairy queen and just basically stood around the store the whole time and talked. it was actually a good night there for once. its also monsooning out and so i've gotten soaked about 4 times today. ugh. i like rain, but only when i'm laying in bed watching and/or listening to it. this park down the street that cody and i played catch at the last week is completely flooded and looks like a pond. its really weird to see it like that. the soccer goals are like floating in it. i wonder if class will get cancelled for flooding....hmm..yeah right. i'm going to bed. i have to get up at 8. fuck.

Friday, August 22, 2008

i'm so annoying

so i'm creepy obsessed with this song called what if by safetysuit. and yes i heard it on the hills but i don't care. so everybody who reads this go download that song!! oh its amazinggggggg. ok anyway, once again i got cut tonight from work so i'm even more poor. i got harassed by some of our new neighbors. its kinda scary when u go up stairs and have a herd of drunk guys say "stop! you can't go any further. turn your ass around and get in that apartment right there." umm...what do you say to that..."no thanks i'd rather be blogging?" oh no, you awkwardly laugh and say hah um oh i live right there maybe later...bye...so that was cool. oh and apparently tonight when i was at my parents house i broke the tredmill...i mean damn i didn't think i was that big, but my dad was like STOP and i couldn't hear him cause my ipod was so loud but he was yelling that the motor was about to blow up so that's great but really the tredmill is sort of old and its had alot of use so eff it, thats so not my fault if its making weird sounds now. whatev. well....aw i miss my friends at home. love you guysss.. good luck to kels and her blog, inspired by me..and heather too i suppose. hah. awesome. okay i'm going to watch college road trip. (yea that movie with raven) PEACE

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the 7 things i hate about...life

so i'm listening to some old school copeland and talking on aim being a loser. i havent written in so long but i need to start again. it needs to be a habit because...i said so. and i am so amused by other people's blogs i have to keep the trend going. also heather said she was just inspired to start one because of me and the title of her blog is even like mine so i'm really flattered. anywho...
its august and that means school starts monday. thank god i am in a new apartment with wonderful people so you would think things could only be looking up right now...but no, its my life which means something has to go wrong every 5 seconds. last week it was getting a flat tire on the way to the soundtrack to your summer tour so i missed the maine and i was beyond pissed. this week i got hours cut at work which means i'm poorer, along with fantastic news about someone important to me moving far, far away. and to top it all off 1/5 of my family left, aka JR went off to college. how brave of him to actually leave farther than 10 minutes from our parents house. kudos. its all very bittersweet. i need a new hobby. oh well okay let me recap on the rest of summer..just got back from nj for the reunion that was fun. then ct to see grandparents, also great. and of course visiting the godparents in pa. we rafted down the delaware river. woo hoo. i also went home to md in june for a week which i don't know if i got to mention when i wrote last. thats really all the excitement i have going on right now. i need to pick up my parking pass and get books...ughhhh