Tuesday, February 12, 2008

embarassing stuff

so really, i'm embarassed i haven't written in so long. it's kinda sad. really sad actually. its taken me like an hour to read all kristens new blogs and those are the recent ones too. its lame that i actually have an hour to read her blogs. but its okay because they are entertainment for sure and i get a good laugh out of them too. so sex and candy just came on my itunes, and these lyrics make me laugh. sooooooo

updates on my life:

1. winter break is over and it was nice. i went to md. that was really awesome.
2. this semesters classes suck for me
3. i haven't quite made or followed my new yrs resolutions or lent..things

ok speaking of which i don't know what i'm going give up...i have an idea. and damnit i just wrote a bunch and my keyboard was gay and deleted it. fuck. ok anyway so what was i saying? oh yea i have been having a realization..an epiphany if you will, that the saying, good things come to those who wait may be true. or partially. i got a chi pro dryer and a flat iron worth around 300 bucks for FREE at work. yea farouk systems sent them to us. so that was cool. and i just won $350 bucks for selling alot of kenra. how fucking awesome is that? yeah i thought so too. i need money, i'm poor. so those are good things among others that won't be mentioned but we'll see....because you know truth and time tells all. thank you justin bobby.

uhh..i don't know what else is new...the semester is going by pretty fast. i want to go somewhere for spring break but the thats highly unlikely. whatever. peace out.