Saturday, February 14, 2009

road to redemption

i'm actually laying in bed watching TI's road to redemption....why? i'm not sure. though its interesting. i'm glad i don't have to hustle..but the money tempts me. (kidding).

so i have had a sore throat now for 2 days and that sucks. i'm pissed i'm getting sick the weekend before i have 5 tests. that would happen to me though.

today is valentines day so woo hoo happy valentines day. its another saturday to me so i'm not all too excited. my valentine is 2000 miles away. oh well....its a hallmark holiday anyway. cody sent me a cute card and chocolate and starbucks card, etc. very sweet. only 20 days til i see him! what else....uh...i've been working out alot and i'm really mad because i don't feel like i'm getting much smaller....and that's irritating. the weather in charlotte has been crazy lately. like last week it snows and then all this week was like 75 out. it made me want summer to be here. i don't have much else to say right now...