Friday, February 01, 2013

as long as you love me

i can't stop listening to justin bieber's acoustic cd. it's really good sorry. i don't really have much else to say. it's friday and i'm at work....usually i don't work fridays everyone that knows me knows this, or i think they do. i like making OT though. this guy at work let me smell him and he said he was wearing buckle black and it was really amazing. so if you're lucky enough to have a significant other you should get him that. well i had chick fil a for breakfast so for lunch i had almonds and some baby carrots and hummus. i'm so healthy, right? it's such a wonder why i'm not losing weight. fml obvs.

Thursday, April 05, 2012


i'm at work and my biggest concern is what i'm going to have for lunch today from sports page. i'm thinking a grinder. today is going to be 10 hours of nothing except waiting to have lunch and then going home. what can i look up on the internet? i can't believe i get paid for this...what is my life?

Monday, August 29, 2011

dancin away with my heart

country music can stop ruling my life this summer now. i haven't updated in aaaages. and now i'm just going to post a dumb sappy love song i'm listening to because it applies to my life as does all other sappy stupid songs. also- i start work back on monday. i haven't done shit since may 13th the day i got laid off last except for travel and eat and spend lots of money. ugh. what a life eh? someone smack me.

thank you lady antebellum for another tear jerker. sigh....

I finally asked you to dance
On the last slow song
And beneath the moon that was really a disco ball
I can still feel my head on your shoulder
Hoping that song would never be over

I haven't seen you in ages
Sometimes I find myself
wondering where you are
for me you'll always be 18
and beautiful and dancing away with my heart

I brushed your curls back so I could see your eyes
And the way you moved me was like you were in my mind
I can still feel you lean into kiss me
I can't help but wonder if you ever miss me

I haven't seen you in ages
Sometimes I find myself
wondering where you are
for me you'll always be 18
and beautiful and dancing away with my heart

Oh you headed out to college
At the end of that summer when we lost touch
I guess I didn't realize even at that moment we so much

I haven't seen you in ages
Sometimes I find myself
wondering where you are
for me you'll always be 18
and beautiful and dancing away with my heart

Nah nah nah
Nah nah nah
Nah nah nah

Away with My Heart

Nah nah nah
Nah nah nah
Nah nah nah

Thursday, January 20, 2011

you're looking awful anxious

i haven't kept up with this blog challenge lately. oops.

Day 18
– Something you crave a lot.

trader joe's organic hummus. yummmmmm

Saturday, January 15, 2011

obnoxious obsession

i get a little ridiculous when i love something alot. this is one of those times. and everyone who knows me a tad bit knows i LOVE anything leighton meester. this track is hawt. i don't know why i spelled it like that, sorry. also, there's a dubstep remix that's sweet too. hey girl hey! go listen!

Friday, January 14, 2011

journey to the end of my life

i can't stop listening to two bands right now. and they are complete opposites.

one is allstar weekend. i believe i mentioned them before. my brothers old best friend, zach, is the lead singer, and my sister and i saw them perform in december. anyway they are pop punk whatever and their songs are super catchy and make the day pass faster at work while i enter bank statements monotonously at the computer. alright so that's one band.

second band is called states. just recently found them and a girl's the lead singer. they're a tad depressing, but so am i, so we fit perfectly. anyway, i just love them and can't stop listening to their ep either.

what else? it snowed. a decent amount. and then it froze. uncc didn't have school for 3 days. that would happen when i actually DON'T have to go back for once. *sigh*

tonight the fam and i went to dinner at olive garden. we took my grandma since she's leaving sunday. i'm sad. who else is going to sit with me alone all day while i watch tv and google stuff on my laptop? wahhh loneliness and i have a love/hate relationship.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

days go by

Day 17 – A photo of you and your family.

i don't have any. and if i do, they are not good ones.


cough cough cough

i have a cough now and it's hurting my lungs. god i hope i don't get bronchitis. life has been especially horrible to me lately, especially as of sunday. though saturday i did graduate college so that was a good feeling and whatnot. but when sunday came and certain facts were given to me about a certain someone, life changed a bit more. i'd say for the worse, but everyone else says for the better. i don't want to get into it. i'm already emotionally unstable enough. i hate crying.

to make matters worse for today, someone ate my leftover steak and potato from longhorn. it was gone when i got home from work. and i'd been looking forward to it all day. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my life is such a joke right now.

but i did get a job. it's temporary. starts feb 7th. but it pays a crapload and i guess it will keep me entertained for some time at least. then who knows what the heck i'll do.

right now i am focusing on the simplest goals of life and that is- getting out of bed, brushing my teeth at least once a day, and showering. isn't that enough?