Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ride for you

okay so i just watched a rerun of tyra and ll cool j and danity kane were on. seriously, ll really does have a lip licking problem. its distracting actually....anyway. he has a hot body but what's new? i'm obsessed with the ride for you song by danity kane that they sang. umm..yeah. that and the nancy drew call thing that kristen showed me online. basically you put together this voice message that emma roberts says and it automatically calls whoevers number you enter. i love it.

today i went to the wisdom teeth surgeon guy who extracted my teeth about a month ago. this was my fourth visit, sixth if you count the actual pre op and operation. i have had more complications with getting my wisdom teeth out than anyone should. i won't go into detail but one side of my face is now swollen and once again i look like i just had surgery although its been a good 4 weeks. why me.

i am supposed to be coming up to MD this weekend and hopefully i will still get to if this infection goes away, so i'm really excited about that, and not so much excited to see how obsessed kristen really is with harry potter or what dumb drama may be going on, i'm just looking for a good time at home! so..yeah.

this summer has not been amazing thus far. i need money and every job i get seems to somehow fall through...maybe its because its babysitting and thats not exactly a real job but come on...its easy so i can't complain. i did get significantly darker this weekend by going to the pool saturday and sunday with dev, so thats nice...i am now wondering why i was so stupid to spend 40 bucks on a month of tanning when i can just walk to the pool and layout. i'm an idiot. oh well.