Monday, November 20, 2006

nothing is real i'm above it all, i'm hanging on

okay so i'm listening to that incredibly annoying song called "hanging on" by the everfamous cheyenne. aka the annoying blonde girl who had her own tv show on mtv. yeah her. well anyway, for some reason i can't get enough of her song and i hate it. oh well.

well i just got back from freshman seminar a little while ago and man that class is pointless but it's kind of the reason i like it, or..don't mind it that much. but yeah..then i went and got some food at the the best place ever, mondo subs. i got this chicken thing on wheat bread. it was pretty good. i have decided that i like my sandwiches toasted if its a cold day. what else...

my hands are cold and sweaty but what else is new? i only have one class tomorrow which is math at 2, and then i'm going home to pack and me and the fam are leavin to go to MD on wednesday morning, wooo hoooo! i am mega excited for this trip minus the fact that on monday when i get back i have a map quiz in global which i need to study for or else i'll like fail the class and we wouldn't want that now would we? my mom is freakin' making me apply at starbucks as my summer job because it's in the shopping center right by my house. lame but i don't know...we'll see.

i'm really lonely right now even though this is a normal feeling seeing as well i've been pretty much alone in a sense my whole life. not as in i'm an orphan or something and don't have family and friends. but i usually spend like 85% of my time with Devlin now and he just got a job at the Polo store so now he's working and I'm bored in my room. I guess you don't little things like this until they occur to you. But yeah anyway I guess i'll tv....or do some homework. ugh. happy thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

home alone and in need of a haircut

so it has come to my attention that i have not written in this stupid thing for like a month. well, half a month i guess. yeah because its the 15th and i need to change my contacts now. anyway, i feel bad about myself because kristen keeps up with hers so well. now i have to do one of those stupid summary posts because my life is passing by and you don't know what is happening to me. that sounded weird but whatever.

i have a pop culture test today and i really don't feel like studying quite yet although i should. it's pop culture i mean really...but i still want a good grade. i wrote this 10 page paper for my semester project in there and i'm not gonna lie, i think it was wicked good. i want it back and i better have gotten a good grade on it. onto other things, i really need a haircut. my bangs are far beyond what should even be categorized as bangs, and they need a cutting. ew. i hate split ends. room is pretty clean and we have inspection later tonight so i need to clean even more. oh and aw man laguna beach finale is on tonight, how sad. haha. oh wednesday nights will have to do with just one tree hill now. laskdnfsdfnsdf

gosh i cannot wait to go home, not to like my house i mean, because that's here in charlotte, but i mean home like MD. we're going there for thanksgiving and i'll be there all break. i'm so excited to see everyone you don't even know. one week! ahhh. :)

before i go study i should tell you about my giving blood misfortune. so i make two appointments for me and devlin to donate blood last wednesday at 2:30 for the red cross right. i get there and everythings going as planned. this time around i actually have good blood pressure so i'm good to go. i sit in the chair, yadda yadda, so i'm pumping blood into the little capri sun bag and having the time of my life when my hand turns purple and numb..i thought this may be normal until i start feeling really dizzy and cold and sweaty. yeah, apparently not a good sign. my vein wouldnt't give anymore blood so they're moving the needle around and telling me to squeeze on the little hand bar thing hard and it still doesn't get anything flowing. by the third time they called it quits on me after i almost passed out. that was scary. so now they can't use my blood, they have to "use it for research" and i think that's just a nice way of saying you didn't fill the whole bag so we have to throw it away...but who knows. i swear this kind of thing would only happen to me. i'm jealous because it was devlin's first time donating and he was fine. i'm still going to let them try again on me sometime next year. it'll be my life's goal.

damn. it's time to study.