Sunday, February 25, 2007

gonna cash you in for a new mercedes

man i wish i could afford a mercedes. ha. funny because i don't even own a car at all right now. that's something that sucks about my life. but there are some good things- like right now i don't have a headache and i found out the culprit of my misery....apparently my sinuses are ridiculously swollen according to my doc. so i have nose spray now. superrrr.

what else is good? thursday me and dev went to ritazza's (school coffee place) to see five times august and i would say they but its only one dude, Brad, and he was amazing. so that was alot of fun. then we went to pizza hut at the sac.

its raining sooo hard out right now. i love rain. i love it but not all the time. i think i have some homework to do....i won't do it though. at least not right now. mmmm i can't wait til summer, but then again i definitely can. i just want to go on vacation. badly. is that really so much to ask!? i miss home too...i want to go home to maryland. it's hard when you don't have a house where your home is though. so yeah. my next large purchase will be sunglasses i've decided. because i tend to squint alot and the sunglasses i have now don't stay on my nose because...its small, or something.

whoa i forgot to tell you i got my haircut. and it feels pretty dang good. i needed it cut terribly. you know that feeling when you're just like holy moly i really need a haircut and it just dawns on you and that feeling doesn't stop until you get it cut, well i feel better now. i'm going to watch tv or take a shower.

Friday, February 16, 2007

new favs, roses, and broken specs

for some odd reason it takes alot for me to sit down and write one of these nowadays. i have to in a mood. it's 9:49 am and surprisingly i am awake. it's friday and i have no classes so you'd think i'd be sleeping which i usually am but i went to bed whoa early last night because i had a migraine, no fun. but i'm better now. anyway...updates on mi vida.

well, january is obviously over and february is more than halfway done with as well. january was an alright month i guess. it went by fast, classes are alright...i think i'm doing better than i did last semester so that's thumbs up. it snowed a little bit a few weeks ago and we got off school that day. it was snow for like two hours before it turned to slush. we saw these guys who made a sled out of cardboard beer boxes and duck tape. clever, and it worked so yeah. haha.

this month has been nice also. last week i had the stomach flu. that came from matt who gave it to kristi who gave it to me. it sucked but i am better now thank gosh. last friday we went to the comedy show at our school because it was free and it was homecoming week so they had all these events going on on campus. but yeah the comedy show was hilarious. the first girl was this white girl from LA and she was funny but a little bit obnoxious. the next was this huge black guy named ronnie jordan from atlanta and he was the best, we almost died laughing. go see his myspace! hah. and last was this guy who was on last comic standing but i don't even remember his name, he acted like he was drunk the whole time..don't ask. anyway that was highlights from last week.

yesterday was valentines day and usually i'm not a big fan but this year it was actually good. devlin and i planned on going to carabba's which is an upscale olive garden but it was an 80 minute wait so we went to good old applebee's instead and it wasn't bad at all. he gave me a single red rose and some chocolates. and later that night he surprised me with a build a bear. and no don't think it's all cliche, because i reallllly wanted a build a bear because i didn't have one and he made it himself after he told me he definitely was not spending 35 bucks on a "stupid stuffed animal" but he did and its so cute :) i'm getting him new shoes which he has yet to pick out.

my new obsession is katharine mcphee lol. i love her new song "over it" yes, i'm lame shut upppp. but for real it's so good. i downloaded like 3 of her songs off itunes because i didn't want the whole cd, plus i'm poor. i'm in the middle of trying to find a job for summer.....which reminds me. me and kristi and jessica and her friend kaitlin signed a lease for these new apartments being built by august and they're going to be sweeeeet. own bathroom, free tanning, pool, jacuzzi, gym. i'm excited for that. oh yeah and my glasses are broken..and i am still wearing them lopsided, i look like a retard. lol. i need to get them fixed.....

and i need to make phonecalls this weekend because i am losing friends far and fast it seems, and well no one really calls me except kelsey and my grandma to see how i'm doing so i'm going to call some peeps because i don't want to lose my friends.... :( hah well that's about it.