Monday, October 30, 2006

this is what lamewods do

So we have this assignment in freshman seminar. It's a journal entry, and we generally turn them in once a week. Normally they're stupid things like How have you changed since you have been in college? This week it was a free write. FREE WRITE. I suppose that means you can write about anything. So I wrote mine..formal-ish blog style. I'm just going to copy and paste it here as an update. Here it is. Enjoy.

"For some reason free writes are always so confusing to me. I’m free…to write…whatever? To me that just leaves so many possibilities I can’t choose what to write about because I enjoy writing so much. For this entry, however, I think I’m just going to write as if it was a blog. A blog is an online journal, and I have two of them which I write in frequently. So…here it goes.
My thoughts right now are that I am really stressed and I need to get things done, but at the same time I am getting this journal done with so really I am doing work and should be proud of myself. It is the ten page paper Nicola and I have due Wednesday night that is killing me inside. We have not really started but it’s alright. The paper is for our Pop Culture class and we are writing it together on women and body issues influenced by the media. There is a ton of information on that subject so we should be fine. Also, I can ramble like it’s my job so I think we should be able to get a good length on the paper if I am writing. Anyway, another thing that is stressing me out is Wednesday because we are getting back our map quizzes and exams in Dr. Moore’s class. I am very nervous about this even though I know I studied and should get decent grades; it’s just the anticipation of not knowing that is causing me terrible anxiety. I always get like this though and I should know better than to worry because things will always work themselves out but I can’t help but feel so nervous about every little thing going on in my life. I just finished making my calendar for November so that should help me stay organized in my schoolwork. Speaking of the calendar for November, we have Thanksgiving break coming up and I am ecstatic because my family and I are going back to Maryland and I am going to get to see all of my best friends who I have not seen since August so that will be a lot of fun and I cannot wait!
Something that is also on my mind right now is how much I miss my past. I don’t really miss every little thing but I do miss some things that would just be weird doing or obsessing over now, yet…I still am. I know I am eighteen now and I am supposed to be mature or whatever but honestly I am so in love with the Disney channel. I just got the new Hannah Montana soundtrack and it is so awesome. I downloaded Jesse McCartney’s new album and I am even more excited about that. I used to be overly obsessed with the boy band Dreamstreet when I was in middle school. Jesse was a part of that band so I have been attached ever since. My roommates and my boyfriend think I have serious problems but really I don’t think it is that weird. Some people love the History channel until they die, and I think it’s alright if I loved the Disney channel until I die. But back to Jesse McCartney, I am really, really excited that I got his album and I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight because I will be listening to it and trying to memorize all of the lyrics. I know I am pretty much the biggest dork ever…or at least on this campus but it’s alright."

Yeah....I know that was gay and you probably cannot believe that I actually turned that into a professor but's just freshman seminar. You really can't take this class seriously, plus our teacher is nice. I'm sure she's laughing...hopefully anyway. Well yeah, that's about all that's new. Adios.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

histrionics, hammers, and hot flashes

well i don't exactly know where to start because like a hobo on crack i forgot how to write. specifically, i forgot how to write blogs which is terrible because gosh i really like expressing myself through this creative writing site. uh...but anyway yeah so i guess i've just gotten caught up in things going on around here lately and haven't written. be prepared to read what would sound like an earful. of nonsense.

so hmm..things are gooooooooood. i had to drop a class so now i feel dumb cause i'm not a fulltime student anymore but what can you do? last week was my birthday and that was a good time. i went to cary, NC where my suitemates are from. i stayed with nicola that weekend. on friday we chilled and then went to her friend Amanda's dorm at NC state which was cool, then we went to an 80s party then finally when it was about midnight it was my birthday and we all went to "the office" which is a club, and danced and such. it was fun. not as upscale as i guess i was expecting since all i have seen are clubs on tv but yeah lol. oh well. the next morning i slept in and nic had to go to work so kristi and her friend ashley came and picked me up around lunchtime and we went to this good mexican place called la rancheria. this is where it gets good. so i'm just sitting there with my back to the door and then all of a sudden they look at each other and smile and i'm like "wtf?" i turn around and guess who is there with a dozen roses!? DEVLIN. yeah and this is only so exciting because he wasn't supposed to be there on my bday cause he went home and had all these plans and things to do at home and they all led me to believe he would not be there. but so that was really sweet. the rest of the day we walked around the parade of homes and looked at million dollar houses in cary. then we had my birthday dinner and nic's mom made enchiladas and stuff, it was a whole mexican fiesta needless to say. then we had cake and ice cream and all the kids were there that go to uncc that live in cary too. later we went to some nc state frat party which was a school girl themed thing. yeah...hah. interesting. dev and i didn't stay long but i DID run into none other than RJ Allen, one of my best friends from 7th grade. I hadn't seen that kid in like 5 years. so that was really cool. besides that we just went to bed then the next day i went home to greenville with devlin and met his family and all. that was really fun too. finally on the way home to charlotte on monday, joey picked us up and guess what happened? well you probably have no idea but so yeah the tire just like all of a sudden blew up basically and we had to sit there on the side of the highway until the cop took him to buy a new one since the spare wouldn't fit. how lame. hah. that was adventure.

so my birthday was good. on friday my family and i and devlin went to the macaroni grill and then had my family party and that was funnnn. i got a new vera bradley bag, she's the man dvd, money, itunes card, clothes, and some other crap. oh yeah i forgot to write that my other surprise from devlin was getting my belly button pierced. yeah him and kristi told me we were going out to eat. yeah, that wasn't true. we went to this tattoo place. talk about wanting to shoot myself. i was really not ready for that but i did it anyway so i wouldn't be a party pooper and here i am still alive so i guess it wasn't so bad. all in all good 18th birthday. i can't believe i'm 18. gosh i feel so old and wrinkly ewwww. whatever its just a number lol disney is still my fav channel even though they changed disney 411 to disney 365 and it sounds retarded when they chant it but whatever.

i have some homework to do but i don't feel like it and that's not good. i need someone to kick me in the butt and make me do it. errr. do you know karate? cause your body's kickin! ahaha man i love that commerical. and the new skittles one that has that really annoying rabbit that just makes that terrifying noise haha. kills me everytime. i wish my blogs were as interesting as kristen's but hers are only good cause she writes like everyday and i could be more random and funny if i wrote everyday but instead i'm dumb and forget and then my entries end up being summaries of my life events. but its alright cause no one reads these and i just do it so i can look back and remember myself what happened because dude i have a horrible memory. i need to work on that. its getting colder here but i like it.