Saturday, September 23, 2006

allergies, headaches and animal planet

well i basically suck at life. i haven't kept up writing like i said i would. i don't know i guess i just forget. anyway today is saturday and it's over now which sucks because that means its almost sunday and i'll have to do work and get ready for monday aka a school day. darn.

so this last week was a decent one. it cooled down a little here and that was nice, but when it warmed up the last 2 days of course the ac went out time and time again and it was so hot. but we're good now. i think it's going to thunderstorm tomorrow. i love storms. yay. so this week...i skipped math on thursday. that was the first whole class i ever skipped. it's not like we do anything in there anyway. whatev. oh and i got a realllly shitty grade on my first global connections exam. let's not even go there. ughh. hmm...i had a bad migraine the other night and that sucked horribly. i've also been sneezing alot i think its allergies because of the changing seasons but who knows. haha.

dev and i went to see jackass 2 today and it was fucking....crazy. so fucking crazy. whoa. they are insane. but it was funny as shit so yeah. then we had dinner and my house and that was just...lovely. anywho...what else was i going to say...i don't know. i bought donnie darko so i think i might watch that..or just go to bed. i have alot of studying to do tomorrow. sdjfsodifhasd well night.

oh and i saw how crocodiles have sex on animal planet today. that was interesting.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

chocolate and ribs at the homefront

so i'm at home now. like that's news, what weekend haven't i gone home? i mean it is only 10 minutes away but still. it kind of sucks that my school is mostly a commuter school and alot of people are always driving and leaving campus all the time so weekends aren't the most exciting part of the week always. anyway i did my laundry and i went to walmart so i got a bunch of stuff i needed/wanted. we had good dinner too. better than crossroads and rdh needless to say.

so i'm obsessed with the song hero/heroine by boys like girls. i don't know why. it's a cute song, but yeah. i watched this uber weird movie today called the squid and the whale. dude i freakin' love indie movies, the sundance ones, the ones that noooo one ever rents cause there's only like one copy and plus people think they're just weird but for real they are always awesome and have a really weird story line and...point to them. anyway this one was about a conventional fucked up family in the 80's. you should rent it.

i miss high school. i know that's random but i was talking to heather last night and we reminicsed (sp) and talked about what we were up to now. i guess i moved on in life pretty..what's the word..smoothly? but when i think about the fact that high school is over it's pretty upsetting and it makes me depressed. i watch laguna beach and i miss the stupid drama haha i mean it's stupid alright but i mean come on, if those were the least of your problems than you should consider yourself lucky. i don't know, it's just the little things i miss. and definitely my friends. i wish that when i came "home" like i am now, it was to my actual HOME aka smc. oh well what can ya do?

we had a really high water bill ($93.41) this month and it's not my fault. i don't even live here.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

rewinding thoughts and violins

awh, remember to kiss the ones you love goodnight. i don't know where that came from. maybe uh, this song. anyway. i decided that since i'm not doing anything i might as well waste my time sitting here on my computer writing. i want to write twice a week. that really shouldn't be that hard.

at the moment my roommates are painting their nails and devlin (bf) is watching football. umd v. wvu to be more specific and umd is getting beat. badly. that sucks....ahah. steph said it's humiliating that it's on tv. guess she didn't know. i wish that uncc had a football team, i don't know why they don't. stupid. oh well. it's not like i'm really into football anyway but i enjoy having a sporting event to go to in the fall that's actually entertaining. basketball should be fun this winter though.

today i went to the dentist. i haven't yet had my teeth cleaned here in nc since i moved here this summer. they did a good job. but i am super upset. i have my first cavity. i'm still in shock, and they haven't filled it yet but i'm scared. they told me i need to floss more. goshh what a pain, i mean really, who flosses on a daily basis, be honest. i know you don't so shut up. and if you really do,'re weird ok. anywho, that was a load of fun. after the dentist my dad dropped me off at school and i had to go to freakin math class and listen to my african math teacher, and when i say african i mean african, he is actually from africa like accent and all. he's pretty funny actually. anyway we reviewed really easy and boring stuff and that only lasted half an hour, and that was my only class of the day so that was a relief. tonight was italian night at crossroads which is cafe on campus. it was pretty good. i'm full. now i'm sitting here doing nothing. and boy do i hate homework that you have to do online. ugh. gag me with a spoon as someone i know would say. hahah. i don't know.

the fan is blowing right in my face and it's making my eyes dry...this is the end of this blog. until next time....

Monday, September 11, 2006

big cities, short periods of time, and cool weather

not only is it right or well...not right but...nice and well i can't think of the correct words really. but i think i should at least write a new blog today because first of all its 9/11 (06 of course) and also because i haven't updated in like...quite some time and that's not acceptable! well to me it isn't. i want to be able to remember these days. as lame as that sounds. but anyway. today is probably a really sad and memorable day for some and i'll be praying for them. enough said. umm...

what's new....not a whole whole lot. i have been sick for awhile but i think i'm finally getting better. i had a cough. it sucked. also...went home last weekend. it was boring but at least i got to see the fam, not that i don't see them like every week anyway, oh well. the days have been passing by pretty fast now. things are getting into routine and before we know it i bet it will be my birthday and more breaks from school. which is good. i can't wait til i turn 18. then again i can because i'll be legal and there's both pros and cons to that. no excuse for acting childish anymore haha. i'm still going to watch disney channel.

today we had a map quiz in global connections which i felt thoroughly prepared for, but i stil think my nerves got the best of me and i screwed up a few. i still think i'll get a decent grade and that's all that matters really. now i just have to get down to business in my other classes. i hate this whole reading a million pages. i mean i don't mind reading i really don't. i just have to like force myself to do it. i procrastinate too much. that's going to be one of my new year's resolutions. ahhh all american rejects "dance inside" just came on my ipod hah i love this song. anywho. we went to another frat party on...saturday. it was boring. the only reason anyone went was for free beer and i don't drink beer and anyway i was DD so that worked out. blah. i have some things to do but i don't feel like it. i think we're going to the gym later. we learned in freshman seminar today that you need exercise in college no matter how healthy you think you are hah. i suppose that's true. i could use some extra endorphins...and the burning of some calories. i don't think i've gained weight since i've been here though. we're mostly too lazy to get food so we just starve or eat little snacks around the "house" which is what we like to call the suite. umm anyway i can't think of much else going on. school is going good for the most part which i'm happy to say. me and the boy are doing good too. yeah the bf. if you didn't know, now you do. call me if you want more details bitches. well i'm getting sick of this at the moment. i promise i'll start writing more often. later.