Saturday, October 27, 2007

i love awkwardness

so i was reading k's blog and she wrote that she loves awkwardness. which just got me thinking. ha. awkwardness. i mean, it is what it is, you know? so why can't things just be? awkward or'll get over it. and if you don't then that's obviously your own problem. you can't just tell people that something is going to be awkward when you aren't even there yet. because who knows? maybe it won't be. everything in life is only what you make it out to be. so if you want to continue to dwell on something, that's your own fault. shit happens and then you move on and learn from it. you shouldn't have to keep thinking my life is only like this because i did it to myself. no screw that, sure you did it but its over..done. enough, let's move on and stop thinking about what other people might say or feel about it. if they're losing sleep over now obviously this whole rant is stemming from something in my own life that is annoying the shit out of me but there's not a whole lot i can personally do according to someone who thinks they know everything there is to know. its hard to talk to a brick wall. know what i'm sayin? its even harder to talk to that wall if you love it. so.

this week has i have two tests next week and that's going to suck. but then thursday i fly out to phily for my cousin's wedding. that'll be a nice little getaway for once. and um...yeah i still need to get an outfit for that. its on my list of things to do this weekend. i just haven't got there yet. there's alot of things i haven't gotten around to yet. how does that happen? time flies when you're doing nothing. haha. so true though. i can't wait for thanksgiving to go home to md. hopefully at least. well i'm going to attempt to be productive now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

this is not what i had in mind..

well since tuesday night things have sucked and are still sucking. i can't even think of anything else to say right now. i'm just going to wait it out i guess. i hate that it has come to this so quickly.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

so, its a sunday.

I am sitting at Devlin's desk in his room, on his computer, while he takes a shower. I love this keyboard I am tying on, not just because I bought it for him for his birthday but it types like really smooth and quiet..and it lights up blue, its really neat. Anyway,

This weekend I didn't do much. It was my Dad's birthday Friday so of course I was at home, then I kind of just stayed at my house this weekend because no one was around. I went shopping with my mom last night and I got some new sperry's and a pair of adidas I was thinking about stuff to write about that would be interesting or funny but for some reason nothing is coming to mind right now. Well, today I went through the car wash at shell and this really fat lady in an old corolla was in front of me going and for the life of her she could not figure out how to get her tires aligned on the conveyer and it was hilarious watching her go back and forth trying, but finally she got it, and also forgot to put her car in neutral so genius there had a hard time to say the least. That was pretty entertaining.

I can't wait for November because I'm going to Philly for my cousins wedding, plussss Dane Cook the weekend after is going to be so much fun. Andd hopefully I'm going home to MD for thanksgiving so that'll be cool too if that happens. So yeah thats about it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

2 things


1- k, stop writing freakishly about ben your earth science teacher, thats weird...and creepy. i may email him the link to your blog if you continue....(ahah scared ya)

2- if you have a facebook, look me up and take my lame quiz called are you smarter than a 14th grader? get it? if grades kept going, i'd be in the 14th grade....

anyway the whole ben thing with k, yeah that is interesting, sounds like a cool teacher..i guess. i like that he eats sandwiches with a knife and fork, i'll have to try that. whats with earth science teachers being young and kinda weird? mine likes to be called by his first name too...and is a really huge dork, but not as weird as ben...

alright so anyway i just painted my nails and it pisses me off so bad that i suck at it and another finger or something always touches another and messes up at least one and i'm too lazy to fix it. today is friday and its my dads birthday, i need to go to target to get him a present and then drop a movie off and get a new one. thats about it. thats my day really. not exciting.

is it weird to put post it notes on my calendar of when the season premiere of certain shows are on? everyones making fun of me!! oh well. gotta go!