Saturday, September 29, 2007

how about.....

you shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business. haha. :)

(not you reading this)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

honeycomb is actually good....

me want honeycomb. not. haha. but really, kristen wrote about how she was eating a bowl of it while a sweaty man attempted to fix her tv and it just made me think about how much i obsessed over eating honeycomb every morning this past august. so...yeah. its good. i never thought i would like it, mostly because that little weird yellow dude is so creepy looking, i never thought i could possibly like a cereal that he liked. anyway....

today was sooooo nice in charlotte. it finally wasn't 526 degrees outside. i wanted to like go hiking on a nature trail or something, you know those kinds of days? well i didn't go hiking, but i watched alot of msnbc cold case files or whatever those things are. its a shitty world out there for some.

dev and i went to my house for dinner tonight and we had steaks. yummo. haha. i'm mad because we have tried twice ordering these stupid bmw emblems for my car that go in the middle of the wheel because they got stolen at the concord mills mall one day. (yeah, note to self, don't drive your bmw to the concord mills mall because homewrecking dumbcrap idiotic retard will steal your emblems!!!!!!) and anyway, they haven't fit my stupidest car, we ordered them twice, first ones were too small and plastic so we ordered the expensive real ones from the dealer and they stiiiiiiiiiiilll don't fit. lame. lame. and more lame. know what else is lame? school. and lastly? people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. but whatev, whatev. i still pretty much love my life. even when it could be better.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

a long time coming

so i havent written since the beginning of summer and that was a long time ago, or so it seems. so anyway, summer in a nutshell was pretty good i guess. it sucks being in charlotte though...i wish i got to spend it with everyone from home..but sometimes things just don't happen the way you want them to. i did get to go to md though and it was a fun few days. good times and all. i went to florida for a week and i hadn't been there for three years so it was awesome seeing all my family. the day i got back from fl i left with dev for the outer banks. i'd never been there before and it was so beautiful. i had fun meeting his family and going to the beach although the water there was freezing. we set off fireworks at night on the beach and chased crabs with flashlights..that was like the thing to do out there. but summer was relaxing to say the least.

now school is started back up and we've been in class for the past 2 weeks. not too bad...yet. i'm in an apartment now. it's lovely, however, i feel like things aren't going to workout here for some reason...and its expensive...blah there are a lot of things running through my mind. i will stay here the rest of the year of course, but next year, with my house being so close and me being so poor i don't think taking out a loan just to live away from my parents is going to be in my best interest. we'll see. because you know, truth and time tells all. hah. had to throw that in there. anywho, um. i'm obsessed with tegan and sara now. listen to the con, its amazing. hmm..

i wonder why one persons life has to affect someone else's so much. you know like why other people give a shit about what i'm doing and my business with my relationships. people who know me understand that i don't regret staying in on weekends. don't get me wrong, i don't mind going out sometimes, i don't. but i don't like being judged for my personal decisions on how i want to live my life. i'm well aware of what i'm doing, what i'm getting into, where i'm going...and i don't have a problem with it. specifically speaking, some people seem to dislike the fact that i spend alot of time with my boyfriend. God forgive me for having the most amazing relationship. i mean really...i don't know. but i do know that i takewhat people say about me or to me, way to maybe instead of writing all of this shit i should just think to myself, fuck you.