Thursday, March 29, 2007

my lip gloss is poppin

if i'm hearing correctly i am hearing a song on the radio right now with some girl saying over and over that her lip gloss is poppin. what the heck is the world coming to now? honestly. lol. this is killing me. christie's friend pam is in the room and she is wondering the same thing. no further comments.

anyway, my hair is wet and its drying so its getting curly and nast. blahhh. tonight there was a cook out for my dorm hall and the dumb people who organized it did not buy enough food for the fatasses that live in this dorm and the dumbasses who came that don't live here!!! so we waited 45 minutes, and i'm not exaggerating, for one burger. there was like no condiments left, etc etc. LAMEEEEEEE. so much for a good free dinner. but anyway...

lets see what else is new? i gotta do my laundry tomorrow. oh today i applied for community college. i am pretty sure everyone gets accepted..and i don't i might kill myself. lol. kidding of course. i do need to figure out what class i want to take this summer though along with my future job. hm..

today me, dev, kristi, and katie went to the gym. we've been going there more lately. it wasn't as crowded as normal today which was nice. i'm not gonna lie i have the worst anxiety about going there due to the high amounts of tan buff guys in there. its slightly embarassing but i am slowly getting over it. i hear commercials on the radio and the sound of the loud tv in the common room blasting dr. phil and no one is out there. i'm getting a headache i think. i am SO glad today is thursday. tomorrow hilary duff will be on tyra. WOO! lol i am a loserrr. i hope this weekend is good, and things begin to feel drama free. there has been some drama around lately...don't ask. i think its mostly over.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

lets call him....carlos

so i'm sick....and i guess i felt it coming. so it sucks. this weekend was good though. last week was my spring break and it was boring at first, like i did nothing but sit at home and chill with my mom, go run errands and watch alot of tv. i went running too but thats about it. then thursday i went to meet devlin in burlington, (outside of greensboro) and i went to his house for that night and then friday we went to atlantic beach and stayed in morehead city which was fun. our hotel was nice and we had a view of the pretty water. we went to the beach and walked on it and collected was cute yeah yeah.haha. we also went to fort macon and saw the old civil war stuff...interesting i guess. we layed in bed at the hotel and watched the acc tourney..then went to dinner at raps and it was good. then saturday we went to the aquarium and that was cool, i love aquariums. it wasn't as good as the baltimore aquarium because there were no dolphins but it was still cool. then we went to this giant pier and just...looked at the water. it was so nice though, i love the was a nice getaway from charlotte for once.

so now i'm back at school and its only the second day of classes but they suck. it wouldn't be as bad if i wasn't sick. i hateeeeee my life. lol. but anyway...i don't know. uh...i hope i survive the rest of the day.

Friday, March 02, 2007

i've been here many times before

well it's early and usually i'm doing something other than surfing the web...but i was looking up stuff for next weekend. it's officially spring break and seeing as right now i have nothing to do i will excite the eyes of faithful readers and you know who you are. anyhow..
new favorite songs- "breathe me"- sia and "what i wouldn't give"- holly brook

i have no plans for spring break except to hang out at my house, i guess go shopping around charlotte (but that's nothing new) and um...go running? and write a paper but it'll be easy. on thursday i am going to devlin's house in greenville and then friday we're going to atlantic beach overnight and then coming back saturday night and leaving his house sunday for school. i think that'll be fun. i haven't been to the beach in forever and a day. and i love it so i can't wait and pictures will be posted for sure :)

so my grandparents were here for the past three days and visiting with them has been fun. my grandmom and i watched little miss sunshine tonight and it was a cute movie. i guess i might go to bed soon because i have nothing to do and i need to get up early to say goodbye to them.

speaking of goodbyes. they do suck. and unfortunatley i have to admit sadly that my parents were right. i would lose high school friends after i moved to charlotte for good. yes, i do definitely talk to about 3 or 4 regularly but still like people i considered myself to be pretty good friends with..i hardly talk to or if i do it's that fake casual stuff and i hate that more than anything. WHYYYYYY GOD WHYYYYY do people change? lol. but seriously. honestly i do some uh self reflection and i still feel exactly the same as i did when i left. i kind of like that. other than the fact that i have a boyfriend i mean i am still a huge dork/freak that i always have been. i don't feel any more or less mature than i have been in the last two years. maybe that's what you get for moving 3 summers in a row, you learn to deal with change that others are just now experiencing for the first time. hmm. could be. i don't know but i really did wish that i could not be forgotten by people i know that i still love so much. i try and do the myspace/facebooking comments but i don't get hardly in reply as many as i send. oh well. i guess...if you don't want to make the effort to be my friend anymore or if for some reason you don't like me or i did something to you, i'd really just like to be informed about it. haha sorry if that sounds lame but i mean really, i don't like things going just never know.

sometimes i have these huge revelations of life where i feel like i can do anything. not the bipolar type anything, but the anything as in the future of my life, career, etc. whatever. and then i start to doubt myself. and that part sucks. i am resolving this year to be more motivated. yeah, that's about it. now that i've written a book i'm going to end this.