Sunday, April 22, 2007

the journey never ends

so i'm sitting here listening to journey's greatest hits and stalking people on facebook when i should be starting the rough draft of my paper which is due tuesday...that or reading the book i have a test on wednesday. but whatever. it can wait as it always does.

this weekend was long and nice and i didnt get much accomplished. i cleaned my room today. i watched this indie movie called little athens last night and it strangely reminded me of my past. i still have to finish watching running with scissors. i still think the book was better though.

i really want school to be over but at the same time i'm sad about it. it's not as bittersweet as last year with graduation and all, but the feeling is familiar and it's that feeling of change that everyone anticipates. i can't believe my first year of college is almost over- it went by so fast. i'll write a lessons learned blog when i really am finished but

oh yeah so this weekend i learned how to mow the lawn, and my hands hurt really bad now. my dad said i can make 20 dollars a week if i come home and do it every weekend and as much as i don't really want to do it, i'm going to...because 1. its good excercise 2. i get money 3. in the crappiest way its sort of fun. don't mark my words because i could change my mind.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

and its your final last call....

so...HAPPY EASTER! now that's that. i went to church today, and why a million people decide to come on this one day and never again until christmas i do not know but it is annoying. REALLY REALLY bad <-- in my jen from the hills voice. hahaha. oh i am a loser. anyway...

yesterday my parents had an easter egg hunt for us in our house and well that was a lot of fun. we each had ten eggs that were the same color, mine were purple. the first person to find all of theirs got a prize...i thought it was money but instead it was a lottery ticket. WOO. but anywho i ended up winning because duh i am awesome. so that was cool. i opened all of my lovely plastic eggs and i got five bucks in each so that wasn't bad, i can't complain. and i won a dollar on one of my lottery tickets, and 4 dollars on the other one. a good easter yeah...except i didn't get around to dying eggs with my sister even though my mom boiled them and everything...hmm..i wonder how long those things last..i can always do it later.

today sucks because its sunday and that means tomorrow is monday and if i remember already i already wrote a blog that bitches about sundays so i won't go there again but really...why does monday exist. please someone find the answer to my question. and why are exams always on mondays..essay exams on that. gahhhhh. so i have that tomorrow and a math quiz. i really just can't wait until school is over but then i have summer school and la dee da stress stress stress.

oh i just want to say that i randomly found these clips on youtube of "tourettesguy" and they are freakin' hilarious. now i am not making fun of people with tourettes, for all i know this could be fake, but this man is really funny. google him or something. well thats really everything new..

Sunday, April 01, 2007

this is a battle....

alright so i found my newest obsession as far as music goes. colbie caillat. she's amazing. search her on myspace. what else..

it's 2:31 pm on sunday and i've accomplished next to nothing today. i have a psych test and a math quiz tomorrow and i have yet to thoroughly study for them. oh well. i will get to that later on i guess. i got up at like 12 something and watched some baby thing they were having on discovery health during commercials of the real world. then i cleaned the bathroom...took a shower...and yeah that's about it thus far. i had the craziest dream last night. my family was going to florida next week but i couldn't go until brother was taking his friend and like i went to their house for some reason to get something and i was out by the pool (that they don't have) and this orca (killer whale) was swimming in it and spitting water at me. then it magically changed into a man. it's all very fuzzy at this point but it was really weird. i've been having really crazy dreams lately i don't know why. i mean crazy like random, strange, psychopathic dreams. maybe it's me.

anyway...april is going to suck..i have something due or a test or quiz to take just about every day of the week. i can't wait for it to just be over. i do but i don't want summer to come. i'll be spending it all in charlotte. i want to go home and see people...i think i'm a little homesick. everytime i think i'm making a real good friend it's like they slip through my fingers in a way. i wish there was just one person here that knows me from before. uhh. so frustrating sometimes. there's alot of things i need to do.